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Me–One of a kind; perfectly designed

A modern classic, this whimsical story has been celebrating the beauty of African-American hair for 20 years!(Amazon review)

This New York Times best-selling picture book by Grace Byers is about an African American girl who learns to appreciate herself by discovering ways that she resembles beautiful things all around her, including people who look different. 

Scribble is the main character who is left our of the drawing because he doesn’t look like everyone else. Then he teaches the others to accept each other and together they are able to create amazing art.

The Original Mood Flipbook for Kids; 20 Different Moods/Emotions; Autism; ADHD; Help Kids Identify Feelings and Make Positive Choices; Laminated Pages (Monster Flipbook)

Learning to be thankful for what we have–both big and small. Each page provides space to list 3 things to be thankful for such as a person who brought you joy, how you felt about your day, a favorite teacher.

Young readers explore their own special giftings and how they fit into God’s plan as they ponder their own life in this delightful rhyme-filled book. 

‘Cause when God made YOU, somehow God knew
That the world needed someone exactly like you!

Handpicked by Amazon kids’ books editor, Seira Wilson, for Prime Book Box – a children’s subscription that inspires a love of reading. This book encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves–both internally and externally.

We all carry around an invisible bucket that, if filled with giving, sharing, and caring, we will find happiness. Not just for children, this book reminds all of us to show kindness and appreciation to others as we go about our lives. 

Confidence, resilience and growth are covered in this book. Join Kate as she encounters situations that your child is sure to encounter as well and watch how she employs a positive attitude to overcome the many challenges she faces. 

Love this book for middle school kids. Emphasizes who we are on the inside–our hearts, souls and minds, giving God the glory for making them. Short stories and activities help kids discover their amazing, wonderful and true identity.