Grandma’s Postcard Stories Guide Sheet

To get an overview of this adventure, start with the Koala Pete™ Postcard Letters Instruction Sheet.

When you’re ready, click on each of the 12 postcards below for everything you need on this adventure. You will find all of this for each of the 12 cards in this series:

  1. Microsoft Word & Adobe .pdf File of all 12 Postcards
  2. Questions/Writing prompts/Quotes
  3. Suggested Books
  4. Suggested Activities
  5. Additional Resources
  6. Tips & Tricks

Family History:

1. Birth & World Events

Grandma’s Childhood

2. A Typical Day

3. School Days

4. Best Day Ever

5. Favorite Story/Song

6. Grandma in Trouble

Grandma as Mom

7. Great Parenting

8. Parenting Regret

9. Event with the Kids

Lessons Learned

10. Advice for a Good Life

11. How am I Like You?

12. Core Values

Once your postcards are completed, it’s time for Book Bonding/Binding Day. Here’s how to do it:

Making a Hardcover Album

Making a Softcover Album

Hope you’ve enjoyed this adventure with Koala Pete™. Now’s a good time to think about another series of postcard letters for another loved one in your life.