Postcard Stories

The most common response we hear when showing Koala Pete™ postcard stories to someone for the first time is: “I wish I had one of those.”

Koala Pete™ wants to share stories and build connections with his family and he has ideas for you to do the same with yours. He invites you to reflect on important life events and decisions you’ve made. Questions, quotes, classic children’s books and simple activities will be your guide on the adventure.

The Postcard Stories series is all about sharing stories and building connections with loved ones. The postcards are

  • part postcard
  • part letter
  • part journal
  • part memoirs
  • part pen-pal
  • all love

From the first postcard to the final “Book Bonding/Binding” day, this journey is sure to be a unique experience that will bring smiles, laughs, tears, and many memories to adults and children alike.

Find out what Postcard Stories Koala Pete™ has available now.

Koala Pete™ provides the postcards, envelopes, and supplies needed to create a hard-cover keepsake album to be treasured for years. Or, if you prefer, we have now added the option to download the cards, questions/writing prompts, suggested books and activities.

You provide the insights, lessons learned, and pictures to share your story with loved ones. Though it may only take a few minutes to write each postcard, it has taken an entire lifetime for you to be able to respond as only you can. We also have the option for a young child to write postcard stories to an adult in his/her life.

Koala Pete™ does have a lot of stories to tell and memories to share. We’re sure that you do too. Read Koala Pete’s™ ongoing story, inspired by actual events, on our blog.

Koala Pete™ would like to invite you to help us help you create the best possible keepsake album for your loved ones.

We encourage anyone that can to donate to Australia, whether through a direct donation or through Koala Pete™’s Postcard Stories. Koala Pete™ donates profits from our postcard stories directly to charities that support animals and children in need. Thank you for your part in the Koala Pete community.

If you are unable to donate, please do share this post with your followers or write a letter to a loved one and encourage them to do the same. Let’s join together to spur one another on to love and good deeds!