Koala Pete’s Story

Koala Pete™ & the Bushfires

(Inspired by actual events that occurred in Australia due to the 2019-2020 bushfires.) 

Koala Pete™ is a happy little koala dancing through the forest on his way to the beach when lightening hits and his home is destroyed. Unable to return to his family and friends, he must do what he can to reconnect with them. He embarks on a journey in search of his loved ones. On the way he meets a fireman, Border Collie, bicyclist, and finally a kind lady who rescues him, taking him to a koala hospital.

A volunteer at the hospital, Pal, adopts Koala Pete™ and helps him connect with his grandmother who still lives in the eucalyptus forests in Australia. KP becomes pen pals with his grandma, keeping each other updated on the latest news. 

He and Pal enjoy reading and writing children’s stories. Why Koala Pete™? Find out here.

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