Why Koala Pete™?

Koalas are cute, cuddly, clever, wise, cautious and independent. They thrive in the wild and they sleep a lot. Though they appear to live alone, koalas are actually part of a community. It is likely that the people you know share characteristics of the koala in some ways.

As of January 2020, some of the most devastating bushfires on record are sweeping across Australia, claiming 25.5 MILLION ACRES (roughly the size of South Korea) and the lives of over 1.25 BILLION ANIMALS and at least 27 PEOPLE. More than 100 fires continue to burn. On January 1, Australia’s capital recorded the worst pollution ever. The air quality index was 23 times higher than what’s considered “hazardous.”

The University of Sydney estimates that over 1 billion mammals, birds and reptiles are estimated dead and  25,000 koalas have perished on Kangaroo Island alone. About one third of the koalas in New South Wales (8,000) are believed dead and 30% of their habitat is gone.

Koalas are suffering starvation as their food source gives way to the raging fires. Interestingly, the eucalyptus forests have a unique relationship with fires. In fact, the trees actually depend on fire to release their seeds. Experts tell us that there’s not much more firefighters can do until there’s enough rainfall to stop the blazes or the fires run out of fuel and burn themselves out.

“It’s not humanly possible to prevent [these fires] or put them out,” Timothy Ingalsbee, Executive Director of Firefighters United for Safety, Ethics and Ecology based in Oregon.

Pete means rock. Peter from the Bible was an Apostle. The name Pete implies boldness, eventfulness and an adventure-filled life. Koala Pete™ is a sweet guy who has been orphaned in the Australian bushfires. He wants to share his story–and that of his family and friends–with the world. He also wants to hear your story.

Just as the bushfires are decimating the Australian forests and wildlife, so are our families and communities being devastated by a different kind of fire. We are losing connections within our families. Our stories are giving way to the wildfire of social media and devices. Without knowing our family stories, how can we be sure of who we are or where we are going?

A raging fire is consuming what really matters in your life and mine–family, faith, hope and love. Too many people are becoming burn victims of the plight that has come upon us. Like the koala, many of us are starving. But we as humans are hungering for love, meaning and purpose in life. We are becoming burn victims in this great land that once stood as a beacon of hope for all to see.

We encourage anyone that can to donate to Australia, whether through a direct donation or through Koala Pete™’s postcard stories. Koala Pete™ is donating profits from our postcard stories directly to charities such as Koalas In Care and others to help support the bushfire victims.

If you are unable to donate, please do share this post with your followers or write a letter to a loved one and encourage them to do the same. Let’s join together to spur one another on to love and good deeds!

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