My Tinker Bear’s™ Story

My Tinker Bear™ is a busy little bear with a big heart. He came into this world eager to explore, discover and experience his environment. Mama Bear is a busy bear too. She wants to expose him to all that is good (and there is a lot of good) in this world, without breaking the bank.

She also wants to reach his heart because she knows that just keeping him busy without touching Tinker Bear’s™ heart will only lead to heartbreak for everyone that loves him as the years go by. Because of this, each invitation to explore and experience includes a tip from Mama Bear to touch your little Tinker Bear’s™ heart as well.

Where does Mama Bear get her ideas? They come from some of the most popular trends in early childhood education today such as Play on a Tray, Loose Parts, Treasure Baskets, Tinker Trays and more. She also includes the tried and true classic activities that have passed the test of time. Her tips come from proven educators from the past including Charlotte Mason, Maria Montessori, Grandma, and others.

Tinker Bear™ comes with a big heart. You just scan his heart and each week a new invitation to explore, discover, tinker, play and learn will appear. Each activity takes only minutes to set up and is likely to provide at least an hour of activity for your toddler.

My Tinker Bear™ would love to come live with you and your toddler today.