Koala Pete™: Raising Creative Thinkers . . . With the Heart of a Teddy Bear!

Koala Pete™ partners with parents of young children who want to raise creative thinkers . . . with the heart of a teddy bear.

Never be at a loss for activities that engage the hearts and minds of your little ones again. Koala Pete™—Creative Activities for Thoughtful Children.

Good parenting made easy with Koala Pete™’s thought-provoking crafts and activities. Just put your Smart Phone on the ‘camera’ setting, point the camera to his heart, and a new activity pops up each week.

You and your child will explore one essential life principle. Then experience it hands-on with a simple, engaging activity that uses common household items and basic craft supplies.

With Koala Pete™, you will always have something new and interesting to occupy your little ones.