Grandma’s Haircut

I love my mom. She is grandma to my 3 boys and great-grandma to my 2 long-distance granddaughters and granddogs. Throughout my life she has been my cheerleader, teacher, and friend.

My mother taught me the importance of following the rules and obeying the law. Recently that obedience has resulted in long, unruly hair for her. Every time I saw her she was looking more shaggy as her hair became more and more of a problem for her. Last time we visited, she mentioned how much it was bothering her. The time had come.

Though we had none of the necessary supplies, we made do with what we had to cut her hair. She found a small pair of sewing scissors used to snip threads and I found a trash bag for a makeshift cape. I set up a chair in her back yard so there would be nothing to sweep after the hair cut.

I have a repertoire of only one hairstyle. A boy haircut. Why? We have three boys and one husband. No matter. At least Mom would feel better after getting her hair cut. Let the haircut begin . . .

She remarked with delight how pretty her hair is as it fell to the ground. And it is quite pretty. It is also curly. My boys all have straight hair so that was a new experience. I think there was a certain way to cut curly hair, but now is not the time to Google it. Scissors started snipping. Before we knew it that unruly extra hair had fallen to the ground.

To my complete surprise she was most thrilled with her haircut. In fact, she has informed me that I am to be her new hair stylist. That is fine with me. My husband has commented several times since, how fortunate I am to be able to cut my mothers hair.

She is a wonderful mom. I am so thankful to be her daughter. Cutting her hair creates a special sort of a bond between us.

Mom, I will cut your hair any time you wish. Thank you for being the best mom in the world. Thank you for teaching me what love is. I love you.