The year: 2018. The place: Costco. The call: our son.

“Mom, I know you’ve wanted to be a grandma for a long time. Well, guess what?”

A few weeks later he called again. “We’re having twins.” Identical twins. Girls. He had wanted a little sister since he was 7 years old. He waited 22 years for a little girl.

There I was, a former homeschool mom and teacher. Now a soon-to-be grandma. What is a creative Christian grandmother of twins, mother of 3, and teacher of many to do?

Build a website, of course. Now is the perfect time to revisit and expand on those lessons, activities, and ideas that there was no time for when the kids were home and I was a busy mother juggling family, school, and the home business.

I believe that to teach a child is a sacred calling. After 30+ years of teaching and raising children, it is time to share with young mothers some of what I have learned along the way. Additionally, there are some exciting new ideas coming out every day. I want to share some of these with you as well. Ideas that meet My Tinker Bear™’s goal of reaching the heart and mind of today’s child through simple, low-cost, low prep invitations to explore, discover and experience the world.

My Tinker Bear™ is here to partner with you to win the heart and mind of your child. Together, we can encourage your little ones to us to develop hearts of compassion minds that think clearly and a lifestyle of creativity.

Won’t you join the adventure?