Who is Koala Pete™?

My Tinker Bear™  has a best friend, Koala Pete™ who is on a mission: Sharing stories | Building Connections | Celebrating Lives | Yours 💜 Mine 💜 and the Silent Ones 💜 Now bringing a moment of happiness to Oregon families 🐨 . Koala Pete™ is a picky little koala when it comes to feeding people’s minds. You can learn more about this here.

My Tinker Bear’s™ friend, Koala Pete™ was born before the Australian bushfires swept through the country. We started as an organization dedicated to building connections within families and communities. Today that vision has increased as news of the Australian bushfires are claiming the lives of nearly 1/3 of the koala population and burned upwards of 25.5 billion acres (roughly the size of south Korea).

While a large part of our business is centered on relief efforts in Australia, we can never forget that we started with a passion for today’s families. Connecting and reflecting through stories, we begin to understand that everyone’s life has intrinsic value, no matter who you are or where you’ve been. When we share snapshots of our lives with each other we begin to see how the Master Weaver is crafting a tapestry out of our lives.

Whether you are an elder with wisdom gained from mistakes and experience, a young married thrust into parenthood for the first time, or a younger encountering new life experiences for the first time, you have a story to tell.

  • Has life taken you through the fire? You’ve acquired some gold nuggets to pass on.
  • Undergone heat and pressure for years? Now is a great time to share some of your diamonds with loved ones.
  • Have people and situations been a small, yet persistent, irritation to you? Your life is producing pearls to share.

Say it with a story: Talk. Listen. Bond. As we consider Koala Pete™’s heart-touching, thought-provoking quotes and questions we begin to discover meaning in our everyday struggles as we ponder where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

Our Why: Koala Pete™ was born to help you impart what’s most important in life by sharing the ups and downs you’ve encountered along the way. Made some big blunders? Who better to sound the alarm in your loved one’s life than you. Made a great decision that has impacted your life through the years? Now, that’s a story to tell.

In 2007 Cindy Sekiguchi, developer of Koala Pete™, took her then-9-year-old son to the mall to do some people watching for 15 minutes. Afterwards, she asked what he noticed. His reply: “There’s a lot, a lot, a lot of unhappy people in this world.” Profound observation from such a young child.

Fast forward to 2019 when she was walking away from the first previously unknown person she interviewed for the first in the series of Postcard Stories, Grandpa, Send Me Your Story. When presenting the idea to the shop owner, he clearly resonated with what was going on as a smile and a warm glow emerged on his face. Many warm–and some sad–memories surfaced for this person as he reflected on the questions. Memories were triggered of the cherished letters, phone calls, and visits from his grandpa when he was a child. It was a delightful experience listening to him as he reminisced on days gone by, where he’s at today, and his hopes for the future.

What other stories did this man have to tell? He is a wealth of wisdom and experience, so willing to share with anyone who will ask the right questions and listen to his answers. Upon further reflection, she realized that every person has a story to tell. Their own signature of sorts in the tapestry of life. A tapestry that the Master Weaver is weaving throughout his creation.

What stories, lessons, and values do you want to share with your loved ones?

No matter what choices you’ve made. No matter what your age. You have a story to tell. Please share your story with loved ones and others who are willing to listen on your journey through the tapestry of life being perfectly woven together by The Master Weaver.

Say it with a story. Talk. Listen. Bond. Our stories give snapshots of our lives as we begin to see how the Master Weaver is weaving together the tapestry of our life. Won’t you join Koala Pete™’s mission to Share Stories | Build Connections | Celebrate Lives | Yours 💜 Mine 💜 and the Silent Ones 💜?




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