Make a Pretzel and a Smart Recipe

Tinkering with Pretzels

Did you know that Catholic monks created the first pretzels? The unique knot shape represented the Holy Trinity. They were handed out by the monks when their young pupils recited their prayers correctly.

My Tinker Bear™ has a couple of ideas for this week:

Be sure to take pictures of you tinkering with pretzels. Why not start a photo collage of favorite recipes on your refrigerator? 

My Tinker Bear™ thinks it would be good to create a “Tap Your Phone Here” sticker to put on a picture of your homemade pretzels or pretzel dip so you could have the recipe handy any time you like.

Photo Journal Questions

What memories do you have of pretzels from your youth?

What do you want to remember about your tinkering with pretzels this week?

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