Bathtub Party Day

Did you know that December 5 is Bathtub Party Day? Tinker Bear’s friends, the Teddy Grahams, have come to celebrate this special day with him. “We love to take a bath, especially if it’s a bubble bath with lots of bubbles” they shout with glee. Today they will take a bubble bath. A very special bubble bath–a s’mores bubble bath with marshmallow bubbles, melted chocolate water and graham cracker crumbs for dirt. And their tub–a ramekin.

This activity makes practical use of the important fine motor skills of scooping and pouring. There’s also some pounding or crushing (of graham crackers) involved. Mama Bear’s been giving Tinker Bear scooping and pouring activities to help make meal time a bit less messy. What they’re doing today is a fun, tasty, practical application of this skill. Mama Bear has decided that she will help Tinker Bear make a few of these s’mores bubble baths to give as Christmas gifts. Little Tinker Bear can do most of it by himself, but he does need her help with the oven and placing the Teddy Grahams in the bubble bath when the tub is hot from the oven.

While making these gifts, Mama Bear is helping Tinker Bear to focus his attention by pulling Tinker Bear’s attention back to the task at hand if he wanders off. If he loses interest, she has decided to stop the activity and try again later. Why is she doing this? Because Charlotte Mason says:

Attention is foundational for success. In the early years, attention, obedience are the 3 habits to emphasize. Without attention, obedience and truthfulness are unattainable.

If you make this, let us know how it goes with your little Tinker Bear in the comments below. Until next time . . .

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