Love at First Sight

See what Pal & Koala Pete™ are up to today at Pal’s April 2020 calendar.

Dear Grandma Ko,

About a year ago Pal started looking for a talented artist to make the definitive Koala Pete. She looked at toy stores, puppet makers, thrift stores and, of course Amazon. She adopted a few koalas and made a couple too. She even contracted out a koala from a Russian designer koala maker on Etsy. Nothing touched her heart.
A couple months ago Pal discovered a puppet group an hour from her home. They meet once a month. She contacted the leader, Doris, as soon as she found out about it. The group had met just the day before. No meetings since due to the ‘Stay home. Stay safe” rule. Nevertheless, Doris and Pal became friends. Pal told her about the trouble she was having. Next thing she knew her new friend volunteered to be the creator (midwife) of the definitive Koala Pete.
They set to work on the design and creation of me. Pal looked all over the Internet for the perfect fabric. Doris found it at her local WalMart. Pal spent weeks looking for the perfect puppet. When she couldn’t find it, she resorted to spending days seeking the perfect pattern. Doris operated on her Spotty-the-Dog puppet to create the body of Koala Pete. Pal had made a few koalas from a pattern she found. Doris used Pal’s pattern for inspiration. Her years of puppeteering led her to give me my signature eyelids. My fluffy ears are Daddy’s wish. Pal wants to be sure I tell you that she knew I needed bigger eyes. Of course, Doris knew that.
Yesterday Pal visited her friend to complete the adoption process. It was love at first sight. When she arrived she saw me peeking out of the tree. She was in love. My ears, my eyelids, my eyes. She loves me. And I love her. She even likes my big rump.
Here I am. Koala Pete: Conceived in friendship, formed with creativity and adopted with love.
I think we’re going to have some good times together.
Happy to find my forever home,
Koala Pete™
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