April 29 – #Adventure At Home

Today’s a great day for an adventure at home—or at least in your neighborhood. Here’s some ideas for you:

  • Play I Spy while going for a walk around the neighborhood. (Take turns finding something and seeing if anybody else can find it.)
  • Make a bird feeder for the birds
  • Have you drawn a chalk hopscotch on the steps yet? Fun even for the neighborhood children who might walk by.
  • What about setting up a tent in the living room for a special night camping out at home?
  • At least you could roast marshmallows on the stovetop and make S’mores at home.
  • If you decide to do at home camping, be sure to sit on the floor and tell stories.

Want to see adult outdoors people who are going to extreme lengths to satisfy their need to be outdoors at this time? Check it out here.

Today’s activity: Choose one of the above adventure ideas—or make up your own—and have an adventure at home today.

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