April 25 – World Penguin Day

Every year, after spending months at sea, a colony of Adelie penguins would return to Antarctica on April 25 for seven years in a row. 

Why not celebrate by . . .

Did you know . . .

  • Penguins have the highest feather density of any bird, at about 100 feathers per square inch.
  • Penguins drink saltwater, but their supraorbital gland filters salt from their bloodstream. The salt gets excreted when penguins sneeze.
  • The tuxedo pattern of a penguin’s feathers is a form of camouflage. From above, their dark body blends into the ocean water, from below their white stomachs match the bright, sun-lit surface.
  • Penguins spend as much as 75 percent of their lives at sea, coming ashore for molting or breeding.

Today’s activity: Watch the video, All About Penguins for Kids and/or make cream cheese penguins or choose from any of the above ideas.

Post a picture of how you celebrated World Penguin Day here.