April 24 – Front Porch Stories

Cherrelle Smith put on makeup and got dressed up for the first time since people started staying in their homes. Smith, her husband, Jacob, and her children got ready so they could have their picture taken on their home porch by Mindy DeRosa, a teacher, who does photography as a hobby. She’s taking photos to spread some joy during a time of nationwide isolation and anxiety.

The Front Porch Project is about capturing portraits of families during this pandemic, raising money for local causes and bringing back good memories of this never before experienced time. The photo session is intended to become a good memory and the photograph a keepsake.

One photographer says:

“It definitely built community because everybody was doing it and we were all out on our front porches and able to say hi to people and still pose for the picture. So that was fun. And it was fun to see friends from other neighborhoods around here who were also participating that we haven’t seen because we’ve been home.”Some families hold up a sign with a word or two about what this time has meant to them. Family members are dressed in everything from business attire to pajamas.

A Front Porch photographer in Colorado, Jenny Marvin, says that “When things are so chaotic and things are so uncertain at this time you have to bring joy, you have to find the little pieces that make you smile, or make you remember the good parts because there could easily just be a lot of negative.”

She goes on to encourage everyone by saying:

“Even if we’re not around to [take pictures] in your neighborhood, dress up your family, put your camera on a tripod, have some fun, take your own photos because I feel like those photos will actually be a memory that can last a while.”

The Front Steps Project is intended to bring happiness to others, giving them something to look forward to and that makes everyone happy.

Today’s activity: Plan a front porch photo session for your family. If you feel energetic, call a neighbor and offer to do the same for them—being careful to maintain the proper social distance, of course. This might be just the thing for someone you know who needs a bit of motivation to keep going through these difficult times.

Post a picture of you and your family on your front porch here.