April 21 – Postcards of Kindness

Have you heard of Postcards of Kindness?

The initiative started as a platform to combat isolation and loneliness for those working at and living in care homes, as well as a way for the relatives of residents to share their lives. Today it has become much more, since we’re all feeling the effects of isolation. You can find out more about this on their Facebook page.

“We hear so many stories of the conversations that they have, inspired by an image on a postcard or words from the sender”

Louise Baker, founder, states that this serves as a lifeline to the outside world, now more so than ever.

Why send a postcard to residents in care homes?

  • Reminds residents that they’re still part of the community
  • They love knowing people are thinking about them
  • To inspire, stimulate, and improve the mental health and wellbeing of others
  • Conversations inspired by a card, letter, photograph, song lyrics.

Sending a card is simple, quick and easy, and at the same time it can make a big impact. You can join their Facebook page, Postcards of Kindness — The Group.

Did you know you can send a picture, just address it as you would a postcard and send it. Or, if you prefer to send a letter, Hallmark is giving away 2 million+1 million cards to ease the stress social distancing and keep people connected. You can visit this website and fill out the form to receive a three-pack of cards free of charge, while supplies last. No purchase is necessary.

You can share your cards and stories on social media using #CareEnough.

Today’s activity: Send a postcard or card to a fellow person in isolation. Share your stories on social media using #CareEnough or #PostcardsofKindness.

Share a picture of you writing a postcard or letter here.. Tell us where you are sending it to and why.