Koala Pete™ and Toilet Paper

See what Pal & Koala Pete™ are up to today at Pal’s April 2020 calendar.

Dear Grandma Ko,

Pal’s been pretty busy coming up with ideas for the calendar she’s working on. Did you know that toilet paper is a pretty big thing now? The family’s having a hard time finding it at the store. Pal decided to do a little research on it and she found some pretty interesting things: Here’s just some of the articles circulating the web:

How to make toilet paper spiked 1,300 percent on Google.”

Now there’s a toilet paper calculator to help you determine how long yours will last.

Are you bottomed out on tp? Not to worry, here’s some places you can still buy it.

Toilet Paper cakes are the latest trend at the bakery. Have you seen a TP cake at your local bakery?

Toilet paper is delivered by armed guards in Washington.

Can you believe this?

Well, Pal decided to save the toilet paper rolls and when she gets enough, she’s going to make this toilet paper wreath for Christmas. Then she’s going to save it with her Christmas decorations. It’s sure to bring back some crazy TP memories in Christmases to come.

Hope you are doing well,

Koala Pete™
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