April 16 – National High Five Day

The well-known hand gesture to congratulate, greet, and celebrate success, the high-5 is likely an adaption of the low-5 that has been around since WWII.

Ever wonder where the High 5 started? No one knows for sure, but a popular theory is that it started in the 1970s at the Dodgers Stadium when Baker of the Huston Astros made a home run. Another story is that it started at a Cardinals basketball practice in 1978. The National High Five Day started in 2002 when students at the University of Virginia gave out lemonade and high-fives. The idea spread and now this day is celebrated as a holiday on the third Thursday of April.

If you give a high 5 to anyone outside of those you live with this year, you will have to give a virtual high-5. The Internet abounds with .gifs, emojis and memes.

Today’s activity: Give a high-five to someone/something in your home—a pet, stuffed animal, ???. Take a picture and post it on Pal’s April Calendar. Have a nice glass of lemonade too.

Post a picture of you giving a high 5 to someone at your home here.