April 15 – Good Things that Have Come from COVID-19

Good things that have come out of COVID-19:

  1. The dogs of this world are very, very happy. Just check out #dogsworkingfromhome.
  2. Heroes are emerging amongst us everywhere we look—from the grocery store clerks to first responders to health care providers. And, the rest of us are cheering them on by saluting and cheering them on as they change shifts.
  3. Celebrities are reading books to children.
  4. Generosity and community support is on the rise.
  5. Large companies like My Pillow, Mike Lindell, are pitching in to make face masks from their resources.
  6. The air is cleaner than it’s been for years. Venice’s canals are clearer than they’ve been in decades, two months of pollution reduction in China has probably saved over 77,000 lives, and New York researchers found a 50% drop in carbon monoxide levels. Once we’ve saved ourselves from the virus, let’s keep on saving the planet from ourselves, please? We’re clearly able to do it.
  7. We are discovering new skills and honing in on hobbies that we have set aside.
  8. Cleaner water In Venice, famous for its winding canals, water quality appears to have improved amid Italy‘s stringent coronavirus lockdown. Residents in the city have said the waterways are benefiting from the lack of usual boat traffic brought on by the hoards of tourists who visit each year.
  9. Wildlife has been liberated due to the absence of people in their territory.
  10. In Maryland, teens are going on grocery store runs for seniors.
  11. Siblings play concert for elderly neighbors.
  12. Michael’s donates $1,000,000 in fabric to help crafters make masks.

Today’s activity: Make a face mask with a sewing machine or without a sewing machine. Or, come up with something to add to this list of good things that are emerging from the COVID-19 crisis. 

Post a picture–or just tell us–what good things you are getting from COVID-19 here.