April 7 – Passover Week Begins Tomorrow

April 8 – 16 is Passover week 2020. Tomorrow, Wednesday, Jonathan Cahn is inviting you to share in the Passover, the Lord’s Supper in it’s original form with him in your own home.

 Whether Jew or Gentile, no matter where you live, you can participate. It’s going to be as if you were there at the Last Supper with Jesus.

Passover–the night the plague is coming over the land. God’s people are in their home while the death angel passes over. For the first time in history most people will be in their home at Passover–the best place, and the safest place to be. There will be a powerful prayer for the plague to passover.

Live streamed at 4:00 PST, led by Jonathan Cahn. Tune in to YouTube Jonathan Cahn or Facebook Jonathan Cahn.

To prepare: Simplest way is to visit one of the above links at 4:00 on Wednesday, April 8. From there, you can add as little or as much as you like–grape juice, Matzoh (crackers), horseradish, salt water, parsley (or some thing green and leafy, and a paste of fruit–apples, nuts, grape juice 

Is it not interesting that this week coincides with the week the U.S. is preparing for COVID-19’s worst week yet?

Today’s activity: Do whatever you need to do today to prepare for this event tomorrow. Mark your calendar to tune in so you can participate in the Passover with Jonathan Cahn tomorrow.


Post a picture of your Home Passover here.