April 4 – Cheering Health Care Workers

Have you heard about the worldwide craze to applaud healthcare workers when they change shifts? In Israel Netanyahu thanks heroic teams and Gontz is grateful for heroes “saving lives every day.”

Today the Israelis are going out on their balconies to salute medical teams who are the frontline workers in the battle against the coronavirus.

This phenomenon began in mid-January in the city of Wuhan in China.

In London clapping is now a big thing as residents open their windows, enter their balconies and applaud health care workers. There have even been standing ovations in Istanbul, Atlanta, Buenos Aires and India. The first social media posts recorded anonymous voices in the night shouting from high-rise apartment buildings, “Keep up the fight!” Italians spurred on the practice with their singing and dancing on balconies.

Closer to home, quarantined Portlanders are cheering health care workers while the mayor has asked tp “step outside on your balcony, front porch or open a window and cheer for our heroes.” Some neighborhoods are filled with the sound of applause, clanging pans and barking dogs, as people step onto their porches to thank health care workers.

Today’s activity: Text or applaud the heroes you encounter today—mailman, health care worker, fireman, grocery clerk, or anyone else who is literally risking their lives for us. It’s fine to clang pans, clap, and cheer at the top of your lungs.

Post a picture of–or tell us about–a local hero you applauded here.