Pal’s April Calendar (Part 2)

Hi Grandma,

Pal talked to Nancy Sue about posting a happy thought each day for the month of April. She thought it was a good one. The only catch is that she wants Pal and me to come up with the ideas. Pal said that we would be willing to do that. (She forgot to ask me before making the commitment.) Oh well. Pal wants to bring a little sunshine into the lives of people around her. Gotta love her for that.

Just a couple days ago Nancy Sue heard that President Trump will order the people to stay quarantined in their homes for the whole month of April and maybe even longer. That’s going to be tough on everyone. It will be a good challenge to find ways to bring a little sunshine into the lives of people every day next month.

We already found a fun one for April Fool’s Day. You can find it here.

Better go now. Pal wants me to help her find a few more ideas for this venture. Talk with you soon. Sure do miss you Grandma.

With love,

Koala Pete

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