Pal’s April Calendar

Dear Koala Pete,

It’s good to know that you and Pal are helping Terrance Michael and Nancy Sue to rally children to send Koala Pete hugs to the veterans there at the Lebanon Veterans’ Home. Hope you are able to encourage a lot of people to participate.

What about also sending a koala hug to the staff at the Home as well? Certainly, they are tired and working hard to help the residents. Have them ask JJ what he thinks. Bet he would love the idea.

That makes me think, it must be quite difficult for the people to stay in their homes. Why don’t you and Pal post something uplifting and encouraging every day for the month of April? In fact, I’d like to challenge you to do just that. Would you be willing to try?

You could post a meme, a picture, anything to make, to do, to share, or to keep. Something that kids and families could enjoy that would bring a moment of happiness to them. What about it, KP, are you willing to take me up on the challenge?

Sending you a Blue Iris flower today. Did you know that this flower symbolizes faith and hope? May you know both faith and hope today–and pass it on to all those you meet this week.

Love you forever and like you for always,

Grandma Ko

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