Send a Koala Pete™ hug to a Veteran (part 1)

Hi Grandma Ko,

Nancy Sue’s been sending letters to Pal keeping her updated on the Coronavirus outbreak at the Veterans’ Home in Oregon. She told Pal that the day after the first 2 veterans were confirmed to have Covid-19, six more were confirmed.  Now I think there are 15 vets who have tested positive. You know, Nancy Sue’s son, JJ works there so she is especially concerned about not only the brave veterans who have fought for our freedom as well as her son and his wife.

My heart breaks when Pal tells me about Nancy Sue and her son JJ. Well, last week I came up with an idea. I want to give a Koala Pete™ hug to those vets so they can know that we’re thinking about them. Pal drew a picture of me. Then she wrote a letter. The letter said:

I am sending you a great big Koala Pete™ hug. You can be sure that I am thinking about you. You probably don’t who Koala Pete™ is. He is a little koala who sleeps most of the day and when he is awake, he is a fun-loving, adventure-seeking little guy. He and his grandma are building a wonderful relationship sending postcard stories to each other. They discuss current events, life lessons, great books and activities.

Today, I want to send you a Koala Pete™ hug. I hope you can feel his heart beating and his little arms around you as he gives you the best koala hug he can.

You probably want to be with your friends and family. I want to be with my friends too. Even going to school doesn’t sound so bad any more. I hope you will be able to get out more soon. For now . . .

I would love it if you could take a picture of yourself with Koala Pete™ and send it to me or post it on Then, if you can, write about where you are, what you are doing, and give me one important life lesson to help me grow.

Hope you like the letter–and the picture she drew of me;-).

Keep safe and well,
Koala Pete™
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