Talking to Children About the Coronavirus

Dear Koala Pete,

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about the coronavirus this week. We’ve been hearing about it here too. Please know that it is not possible for Pal (or any human) to contract coronavirus from you or any other pets.

This is a scary time for Pal. You need to encourage her to say whatever is on her mind. It is important that you stay calm and protect her from hearing and seeing frightening things. Remember to reassure her that you will keep her safe.

When you talk with Pal about the coronavirus, here are some important things to remember:

Stay calm and let her know that you and her parents will take care of her.

Be available to listen. Keep your conversations simple and age appropriate. 

Pay attention to what she sees and hears on the TV, radio and online. 

Provide information that is honest, accurate and age-appropriate.

Remind her to take the steps necessary to reduce the spread of germs when coughing and sneezing.  

Give Pal the opportunity to help out. One thing she could do is make a felt dog toy for one of her dogs or she could donate it to a neighbor or the dog shelter. 

Your health is especially important at this time. Remember to eat healthy, exercise, and get plenty of sleep so you can be prepared, rested and relaxed when Pal comes to you with questions and concerns.

Visit the CDC to learn more about the COVID-19 and how to talk about it with children.
Keep safe and well,
Grandma Ko
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