Koala Pete™ Celebrates National Bubble Week

The second week of March is National Bubble week. We found this print over at Bouteeki.

Dear Grandma Ko,

Did you know that this is National Bubble Week? Pal is making a bubble art cover for the card she’s writing about her favorite things in the “For Such a Time As This” postcard stories. We used a bottle of bubbles, food coloring, the top half of a plastic bottle and some netting stretched over the open end of the bottle. Here’s what our final cover looked like.

Pal’s mom had us set up this project in a large box so we wouldn’t get the food color on the floor. It’s too cold to do this outside this time of year.

Our friends over at “Hello Wonderful” have step-by-step instructions for this project. Instead of using netting from produce, Pal had some extra mosquito netting that worked better for us on our little project. She also thought of using old panty hose.

This was a fun project to do with her.

The next day Pal read “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” Then we made these cute little buckets out of some tiny buckets we found at the store, some googly eyes, and a red Sharpie to draw the smile on our little face. She asked me to tell her some ways that I had filled someone’s bucket by being nice in word and deed. Every time I said (or did) something, she would give me a gold chocolate coin or a chocolate kiss.

Hope to see you soon,

Koala Pete™

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