Grandma Ko Attends “The Lucky Seven” Koalas First Birthday Party

Dear Koala Pete,

This week Sally the Stork took me to the Australian Reptile Park for a eucalyptus leaf birthday party. “The Lucky Seven” koala joeys were celebrating their first birthday. They showed a video of them when they were newborns.

Erica Johnstone takes care of the little guys. She is happy to report that all of the joeys are growing up to be

healthy, happy individuals with unique personalities that are a part of an important breeding program here at the Australian Reptile Park.

The party was so much fun! We could eat as many juicy leaves as we wanted. After the party we all took an 18 hour nap!

I’m still dreaming of all those eucalyptus leaves at the party–and the nice nap on a full stomach. Haven’t had such good eucalyptus in a long time.

Love you always,

Grandma Ko

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