April 3–Dancing & Singing Together from their Balconies & Windows in Italy

Italians are dancing and singing together from their balconies and in their windows.

Italians are singing national ballads while others are dancing to the Macarena. Some have even taken out their instruments—guitars, tambourines and accordians—to serenade their neighborhoods. These uplifting moments are bringing smiles to residents in Sicily, Naples, Rome, and other cities across Italy.

Inspired by the Italians, one Utah community has organized a social distancing Zumba class hosted by a former Zumba instructor. In Colorado, neighborhood dance parties are popping up.

In New York, Doug Smith, owner of an audio-visual equipment company and his wife, Nadja Platk, spread their sunshine every night in their neighborhood at 5:30. They want to put their equipment to good use in these uncertain times. “This gives everyone a chance to step out into the fresh air, wave to their neighbors, dance a bit, and feel some joy in their day,” says Platk.

Learn how to dance the Macarena

Macarena dance-along for kids

Today’s activity: Crank up the music, go out on your front deck, and dance. Call your neighbor if you are so inclined and invite them to join you. 

Post a picture of your dance moves here.