Kids Helping Koalas

Kids all over the world are raising money to help koalas. Here are the stories of just a few of them that have been in the news recently:

The Weather Channel brings updated news about Owen Colley, the 6-year old boy who has raised nearly $300,000 to help the koalas by making clay koalas. Owen lives in Massachusetts with his family. His parents wanted to help him figure out a way to raise money that would incorporate his interest in creativity and art. They decided to make koalas out of clay for everyone who would donate $50 to help the koalas. The response has been overwhelming. His efforts have far exceeded their initial expectations of raising $1,000. At this point, he has raised enough funds to feed 900 koalas for a year. And he continues to make clay koalas.

KEA Kids News reports that 10-12 year olds are selling lemonade and cupcakes to help the koalas.

Beth Ioka, an 11-years old, states:

Instead of sitting down and watching the fires on the news and feeling sorry for it, we decided we’d actually do something about it.

I find it’s cool when someone does something nice, it like follows through with the rest of the people. (10-year old Sophia de Castro Blanshard)

Koala Pete™ especially likes Holly’s statement that

We’re doing a small thing to make a big change in the world.

In Australia, four and five year olds are taking orders for cupcakes to help the koalas. The impetus behind this outreach was the kids’ concerns for the bushfires. Some children were willing to give money from their piggy banks, but the school decided to make and sell cupcakes to businesses instead.

The kids are very proud when they go into the shops, they do all the talking and collect the money.

Their money is going to adopt Ommy, the swamp wallaby joey whose mother was killed and he was injured when she ran into a car trying to escape the fires. These kids are also supporting two injured koalas.

Emmett Flores, the “Koala Kid”, an 8-year old Canadian boy whose homeland is Australia, is raising money for koalas by baking cookies and shoveling snow. He’s adopted 27 koalas–every one from the Koala Hospital in Port Macquarie. He’s also committed to sponsoring a mother and baby koala for the next year for $50/month.

Koala Pete™ hopes these stories encourage you. What need do you see in the world? What small thing can you and/or your family do to make a difference?

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