Everyone has a story to tell

The shop owner’s input was invaluable. He had worked for 38 years at Fred Meyer in retail. After he retired he got bored and decided to open a franchise, The Wheeler Dealer. Turns out that’s a great store right here in Lebanon. Until that night, I didn’t even know it existed. It had been in town for two years. (Like I said, most of the time I’m hiding out in the office behind a computer monitor.)

Motivated by this market research, the next morning I took this to my entrepreneur group for their feedback. Even more valuable input. Up until this time, I have felt so small and insignificant in this group of talented and successful entrepreneurs. The group was quite small this time. A podcaster, senior bedding designer, and a husband-wife branding team were there. The Venture Catalyst, the guy who keeps pushing the market research, had to leave shortly after the meeting started. Those who were there completed the market research questionnaire. They took a good 30-45 minutes to provide input, ideas, and suggestions for the project. The designer asked to be a beta tester when it gets to that stage. The branding team said it looks like a goldmine. Podcaster said it was a cute idea, but don’t think he’s interested in preserving family memories.

Interesting observation: The entrepreneurs have a plethora of ideas for expanding and marketing this project while the shop owner addressed the project as it is with few suggestions for expansion.

Armed with great feedback after only a handful of market research interviews, I just had to revise the entire presentation. Couldn’t bear to do one more market research interview with what I had started with because now I knew the “Send Me Your Story” project needed revising. As one who likes things to be as orderly and as nice as possible, I just had to make those changes before facing another stranger in town with this market research step of the journey.

It is now 2:00 in the afternoon, Been up since 4:00 this morning revising and integrating comments received from doing the market research. Looking at the original project and comparing it with what it is now, all I can say is that Corey is right: Do your market research.

Thank you Corey for emphasizing this leg of the journey. Love what it looks like now. Looking forward, in a way, to going out there again, talking to strangers, and gaining feedback from more of my market.

Most of all, however, I’m looking forward to hearing the stories these people have to tell. I believe that no matter where you’ve been you have a story to tell. I want to hear your story. Koala Pete is one platform for you to tell your story. We are excited to hear your amazing story as it bubbles up to the surface.

We will do our part to ask the right questions to get you thinking. Will you do your part to give us your answers as you tell your story?

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