Koala Pete Turns the Corner

On the Home Front

Nathan will soon be out on his own. Just over a week now–and counting. Neither Koala Pete nor Pal wants to think about it. Thankful that he is leaving on great terms and that he will only be a few minutes away. We cooked dinner together one night and watched Aladdin.

Favorite Book this Week: When God Made You, (Author: Matthew Turner). Fits perfectly with our theme of individuality. Beautifully illustrated and clearly stated. A book that inspires its readers to embrace their own talents and giftings.

Cause when God made YOU, somehow God knew
That the world needed someone exactly like you!

Around the Web

Links to improve writing, generate hashtags, and New York Times Best Sellers list:

  1. Hemingway Editor, Color-coded app that highlights lengthy, complex sentences, suggests better words when necessary, and marks when passive voice has been used. Copy your writing and paste it into the app for instant feedback.
  2. The Hashtag Generator when you’re not sure which hashtags to use. In seconds you this app will give you the top 30 hashtags based off of the keyword you choose. Always up-to-date.
  3. New York Times Best Sellers list of children’s books. Between this and Amazon, you will find the current best-selling books in America. Includes a link to major outlets to purchase any of the 10 books listed.

Just for Mom

Love this idea!!Moms might enjoy Koala Pete’s Pinterest board, Home Decor on a Budget. Here you will find organizing and DIY ideas for cozy and creative living spaces. One of the best pins on this board is the one “In these moments time stood still.” What a beautiful way to memorialize the birth of your children. What a gift this would be, not only for yourself, but also for the children you live with. The idea of devoting an entire wall to the memory of their birth is sure to be appreciated by your little ones.

Koala Pete Every Day

The Koala Pete series has been placed on hold for now. There are many sad children he wants to bring out the hero within. For now, he believes that his time is better spent introducing his followers to the best children’s books (mostly current, but also classics). Each month he will introduce koala-ty books and related activities to build a day-by-day mindset for LIFE (Living In Faith Everyday). He will seek out the very best; most impactful little books that carry a big message.  A preview of the book and the book’s author will also be introduced. All is geared toward bringing out the hero within.

Be sure to join Koala Pete on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. He’s been reading and traveling around town and around the world. You’re sure to enjoy the places he’s found to read a book.

Thank you for visiting. Remember, that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Celebrate the unique vision God has for your life that only you can fill. Share the adventure with your children.

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