Birthday Week

A Personal Note

September 11 our baby boy turned 22 years old! Where have the years gone? He wanted his favorite coffee ice cream cake. It felt strange in the grocery store filling the cart with ice cream, cake, hot fudge, cookies, whipping cream, and a few other unhealthy ingredients–none of which I had any intention of eating since I’ve been gluten, dairy and sugar free for years. The aisles of the grocery store literally felt like they were closing in on me. It was an odd sensation. While making the cake, it was hard to believe that people actually put this stuff in their bodies. The very next day, under a great deal of stress, I ate some of that ice cream cake. No reaction! It’s been over 10 years since I’ve knowingly had even a crumb of gluten. Apparently, it is possible to heal from gluten intolerance. We won’t have to be quite so careful when using soy sauce or other such ingredients now. This is amazing.

Behind the Scenes with KP

Social Media is playing an increasingly important role as Koala Pete develops. Flipboard came to the surface as what appears to be a promising source for images and articles for KP’s social media journey. It is a magazine-style site that can be customized with articles on just about anything you can think of. Another site that I’m learning to use for posting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is Buffer. Their free account allows scheduling on up to 3 different social accounts. Looking forward to using this program.

Update on Koala Pete

This week Koala Pete’s story has been completed. It is time to begin revisions. Unfortunately, there’s just too much that needs revising before his story can be shared with you. In the meantime, please like and follow Koala Pete on his social media sites. He’s found some sweet posts this week. Sure to make you smile.

Until next week,

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