Retreat for Writers!

Not too long ago I found a podcast and was looking for it on Wednesday afternoon. In the search, an entirely new podcast came to the forefront. They were talking about a Virtual Writer’s Retreat they were going to host on Friday and Saturday. What’s more, there was less than an hour to sign up before the doors would close for 3 months.

Not being one to believe in rushing into things, this was a difficult decision, but in the end I decided to risk that $40, believing that this was probably a leading of the Lord due to the timing of everything.

Turns out that the Writing Retreat was a lot of fun and a lot was written. In fact, the basic structure of this first story about Little Jimmy who wants to be big came into focus. Everything about this story was difficult to get working on, but after the retreat, everything is beginning to come into focus.

The first day was so refreshing that at the grocery store I ran across a mom with 4 children waiting in line and asked permission to read 2 paragraphs to them. They loved it. If that wasn’t motivation enough, I went to the library and was able to read those 2 paragraphs to 3 librarians, and they all enjoyed it. In fact, Laura, the one most acquainted with children’s lit, even forged a little tear reading it. What better feedback than that?

Now that the retreat is over, I’ve been working on getting the website and social media organized so that the foundation is solid and ready to be built upon.

Looking forward to sharing with you as we watch Koala Pete help Little Jimmy through the terrible ordeal of being the younger brother who everyone tells him “No you can’t, you’re too small.”

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