Meeting Koala Pete™

Last week, after reading Koala Pete™’s first chapter to some people, it became clear that the direction he was headed was not going to work. He was taking shape in my mind, I was understanding his personality, but that had to be scrapped.

All week I’ve been wondering just who Koala Pete™ is. Nothing has materialized. Many nights I go to bed praying, asking who he is. Many mornings I do the same. This morning the answer came.

Koala Pete™ is the child’s conscience! What a responsibility to properly depict the working of the conscience in a child’s life.

Koala Pete™ must bring to life the value of listening to the conscience for the child. The tagline:

Embrace the Hero within.

Koala Pete™ must be the Hero–the conscience–within the child. He will guide, lead, teach, speak ever so softly, encouraging the child to “listen and obey” the Truth on his journey.

Looking forward to better understanding the role of the conscience (Koala Pete™) in the weeks ahead.

You are cordially invited to join in on this adventure.

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