Koala Pete™: Raising Great Kids

Raising great kids is a challenge. Especially today. With so many voices pressing on our young families, it’s a wonder that any of us survive to adulthood. Enter Koala Pete.

Koala Pete™ is known and loved by children around the world. When a child who knows about Koala Pete™ faces a difficult situation, they hope and pray that he would show up and help them out. As you can imagine, Koala Pete™ is a busy koala as there are so many children who need his help. When a young person’s teardrop touches his cheek, Koala Pete™ is able to communicate with the child, heart-to-heart. He is that comforting, listening fellow that you and I dreamed of when we were young. The one who understands and loves us. No matter what. If the child receives what Koala Pete™ has to offer, he rummages through his backpack to find a token, a Hero badge, to give him. It is a visible, tangible reminder to hold on to the next time the child is feeling discouraged.

We believe that it is essential to provide children with heroes in their lives. Daddy always encouraged us to have heroes. Helen Keller, Anne of Green Gables, Pippi Longstocking and Houdini all played the role at one time or another in my childhood. Books give our children opportunities to explore great ideas–if we provide quality books. Respect, honor, kindness and so much more can be demonstrated–and encouraged–in a book. This is why we believe that the best way to impart a hero mentality is through good books, worthwhile activities, and prompts for meaningful conversations with parents.

In each book, Koala Pete™ is calming a child’s heart, imparting a critical mindset for that child to cope with his or her current disaster. As a mindful parent, you are undoubtedly looking for tools that nourish your young child. KP is just such a tool. We like to think of the Koala Pete™ stories as vitamins for the soul.

We trust that raising your great kids will be just a little bit easier now that you have discovered Koala Pete™. Why not follow us on Social Media where you will find regular doses of quality books, engaging activities, and conversation starters?





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