Koala Pete™ Coming to Life

Last night was a breakthrough. I read the first chapter, Koala Pete™ and His Tree, to some children. They had little interest. I read it to my mom who was more impressed with how the pages turn than the story itself. Something had to change. Time to scrap Koala Pete™ as he was developing to this point.

Who is Koala Pete™? Authorities on children’s lit had me believing that writing about character and values is a dead-end street. A subtle message is acceptable, but nothing more. However, researching Amazon sales, it appears that some of the most popular books are children’s stories where Christian values and quality character comes through loud and clear.

Stories about a “super-hero in training” resonated well with me. This is what I want to write about. As this realization that writing about character and a Christian world-view was sinking in, I have no other words than to say that it was as though the Holy Spirit was encouraging me to trust Him; to allow Him to guide in this venture. A solemn moment. Is it ok to call the conscience a super-hero? Could I create stories about unleashing the super-hero within?

It was too early for bed but time to get off the computer. Decided to review some earlier writing that I had done–a series of “Statements and Questions” based on seven biblical principles:

  • Individuality
  • Self-government
  • Christian Character
  • Conscience
  • Christian Government
  • Growth
  • Union

The cornerstone of these principles is 2-fold:

  • Flow of power from the internal to the external
  • The power of choice

This morning John 15 was in my head–Jesus is the true vine and we are His branches. The whole idea of abiding in the vine, being pruned to produce more fruit. It’s all starting to come together now.

The tagline has to be something like

  • Fruit-bearing stories
  • Stories to feed the soul
  • Cling to the vine

At least, something about a tree, a vine, branches, abiding, as well as the characteristics of a koala–cute, cuddly, lovable, endangered.

Not sure where this is all leading as I seek to discover exactly who Koala Pete™ really is.

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