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Because our boys are grown and I have become quite rebellious toward the American culture of supporting retailers during the Christmas season, I wanted to come up with a way to succinctly share the major lesson learned this last year.

A tassel was chosen because Hubby travels to Germany often. There he has formed a close work/friendship with an extreme adventurer who makes tassels for the Queen of England and other royalty. I wanted to commemorate this friendship that has blossomed in 2018 as well. Later this year I intend to meet with this person.


A simple tassel bookmark reminder for close family members highlighting the key lesson learned in 2018. The colors are significant:

  • Red–the color for man
  • Blue–the color for heaven
  • Gold–the color of the temple


For an easy-to-follow outline on how to make a tassel, here’s a great place to begin. Problem is, most tassels end up with 2 loose strings on top. After some research, I found how to make a “bookmark tassel” and was able to solve the problem, making a loop at the top.


  • credit card or card stock to wrap embroidery thread around
  • yarn needle
  • embroidery thread
  • hole punch
  • scissors
  • cardstock for bookmark
  • strapping tape to laminate


  1. Watch both of the video tutorials.Though the first tutorial says it takes only 5 minutes, in fact, it took me about 10 minutes, probably because the top was a loop instead of the loose threads. Then it took another 5-10 minutes to print, cut and laminate the bookmark. Here’s the Bookmark template  for this project.
  2. Gather supplies.
  3. Make the tassel as shown in the videos. I found the first method of wrapping and cutting the embroidery thread to be most successful, i.e., wrap about 25 times then cut at the top, not the middle, of the loops. Tie off the knot, then fold over the opposite way of the wrapping to hide the knot inside the tassel. Follow the second tutorial from here.
  4. To laminate the bookmark, cut a piece of 2″ strapping tape a little longer than the bookmark. Lay trimmed bookmark on flat surface. Gently place tape over the bookmark. To avoid wrinkles, do not stretch the tape when placing over bookmark. It is a good idea to try on a scrap piece of paper before placing on the final product. Repeat on back of bookmark. Trim as needed and punch hole with paper punch. Finally, thread tassel through bookmark.


The plan is to present this bookmark to family members on New Years Day. Along with the bookmark, I plan to take a few minutes to explain why the bookmark, the colors, and specifically how this verse summarizes the major lesson learned in 2018.

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