New Apple Studio Firmware Update Fixes Speaker Issues

BY Jeff

Published 5 Aug 2022

Studio Display monitor

A Studio Display firmware update was just released by Apple. The fix comes at the heels of audio-related complaints from users, such as choppy playback, sound abruptly cutting out, and audio distortion.

The update bumps the firmware version to 15.5 and carries the build number 19F80. It arrives two months after Apple dropped a firmware update to address the Studio Display’s poor webcam performance. 

Prior to this update, a memo was released by Apple to authorized service providers addressing complaints about Studio Display’s speaker quality and offering a temporary fix. Apple confirms this new update will resolve the speaker issues. 

This is the second major firmware update that Apple has released for the Studio Display to address bugs and issues. When the monitor first launched, its 12MP webcam was panned for its poor quality. The Cupertino giant did roll out an update to improve its performance, but it was still not as good as initially promised.

To update the Studio Display to the latest firmware, you will need to connect it to a Mac running macOS Monterey 12.4 or later. To grab the update, go to System Preferences > Software Update.

Apple’s $1,599 Studio Display has been marred with issues since its release. Users would have expected a more polished experience from such an expensive monitor, but the monitor seems to be riddled with bugs.